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About Green Girl Stuff

I’m Lucy. I started Green Girl Stuff in 2012 to introduce more women to menstrual cups.

I discovered menstrual cups in 2001 when I was about 14. I thought they sounded brilliant but I couldn’t convince my Mum to buy me one, since they were nearly US$100. Seven years later, I finally discovered one for sale in an organics shop and bought it immediately, regardless of the $80 price tag. It was totally worth it – I was so excited to have finally found something that was comfortable, easy and good for the environment, I was so glad to be rid of pads and tampons forever. After convincing a few friends to try cups and then seeing how enthusiastic they became, I decided to start Green Girl Stuff to introduce more women to this great product.

I've now been running this business for nearly four years. My goal is to make menstrual cups the most popular menstrual product for women in New Zealand.