the best choice for that time of month

Which cup should I choose?

It can feel a bit confusing trying to choose the right menstrual cup, since there seem to be so many options. It doesn’t need to be a difficult decision. Here’s a bit of advice on picking the right cup.

The basics

I have two brands of menstrual cup. Femmecup comes in one size only. MeLuna comes in three main sizes – small, medium and large, and two mini sizes – small and medium.

If you have given birth, a Femmecup or large MeLuna is probably best. Women over 25 who haven’t given birth would generally find a Femmecup or medium MeLuna suitable and if you’re under 25 I generally recommend a small or medium MeLuna. Teenagers would generally be best to go for a small MeLuna, especially if you are

not sexually active. If you are tall with a larger build, I recommend going for a slightly bigger size. If you have a low cervix, you should consider a mini MeLuna.

Soft or classic?

With the MeLuna you have a choice of soft or classic – for beginners I recommend going for classic because it is easier to use.  A soft MeLuna could work for you if you have found tampons particularly uncomfortable. Be aware that a soft cup will often take a bit longer to get it to open once inserted because it doesn’t have the same springiness as a classic.

In terms of softness, the Femmecup is quite different to the MeLunas. It has a very springy ring at the top to help it open easily, and the cup part is a lot thinner and more flexible, which means it can mould to the shape of your body when you wear it. The Melunas are of a fairly uniform thickness.

Heavy or light flow?

The first consideration when you’re choosing a cup should be whether it will fit properly, then you can think about how heavy your flow is and what cup would have the best capacity. If you have a heavy flow and are worried that the cup that will best fit you is going to be too small, remember that most menstrual cups will hold 2-3 times what a tampon will. This is because they aren’t absorbent, so they only collect your menstrual fluid and not other moisture from the wall of your vagina, which is what tampons do. The cups, in order of capacity, are large MeLuna, Femmecup, medium MeLuna, small MeLuna, MeLuna mini M, MeLuna mini S.

If your flow is very light, just choose the cup that you think will be most comfortable. Because they’re non-absorbent, having a cup with a higher-than-necessary capacity is perfectly safe. I do not recommend choosing a mini cup purely because you have a very light flow, because they can be difficult to remove if you have a high cervix.

Mini cups

MeLuna minis are for women with a low cervix. You can check this by inserting your finger into your vagina and feeling to see if you can find your cervix, a soft bump at the end of your vagina. If you can feel it with your finger only inserted about half way (a few centimetres), your cervix is probably low and you should consider choosing a mini cup. If you think this might be you, I advise checking several times throughout the month, as the cervix can change position depending on where you are in your cycle. If you have ever tried using a menstrual cup and had problems because you couldn’t get it to go in far enough, so the base is not inside the vagina, you have probably had a cup that’s too long, so a mini might work for you.

If you are unsure about which cup to choose, you can try out the MeLuna size guide or size calculator or feel free to contact me for some advice.